Meeting Peter Hamilton

On Monday the four playwrights spent the whole day rehearsing for their play readings.

Max’s called ‘The Silver Alps,’ Lally’s called ‘Fortune,’ Tom’s called ‘Fatherland,’ and Reg’s called ‘The Damned.’

On Tuesday the playwrights spent the whole day with Aussie New York based producer and blogger, Peter Hamilton of Documentary TV, for a series of meetings he had arranged with extraordinary documentary producers, POV, Discovery, Blue Chalk Media, Ed Hirsh and Canadian producer, Lynn Kirby of Paperny Entertainment.

They got to pitch their movie concepts and explore their reality TV ideas. They all found this day helpful. Lally thought “Peter Hamilton was incredibly generous with his knowledge and time. He knows the industry so well. He really shared his knowledge with us and set up meetings for us where we learnt a great deal”.

Tom thought “Peter was a really lovely guy who set up a range of great meetings for us, allowing us to get an insider’s view into a genre none of us really knew anything about.”

Max thought, “The most exciting things about the day with Peter was learning how to world of reality TV works, and how new technology is changing the game.”

And finally Reg thought the day with Peter “was a real highlight. His enthusiasm and knowledge were infectious. It was a real Brooklyn day!”

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