Manhattan Theatre Club, Friday Evening

Tonight were Reg and Tom’s readings, both of which went well.

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Lunch with JT Rogers

We went to New Dramatists and then had lunch with, ND resident, JT Rogers. As one of the original playwrights for the Tricycle Theatre of London’s ‘The Great Game: Afghanistan’ he was nominated for a 2009 Olivier Award.

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Manhattan Theatre Club, Wednesday Evening

Max’s play, ‘The Silver Alps’ and Lally’s play ‘Fortune’ were both read this evening at Manhattan Theatre Club.

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Forget Me Not and A Golem Story

Today we had the readings of Tom and Lally’s plays, Forget Me Not and A Golem Story, as well as the panel all at the Chicago Cultural Center.

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Meeting Peter Hamilton

On Monday the four playwrights spent the whole day rehearsing for their play readings.

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Timeline Theatre Company

Lally and Tom had their rehearsals for their play readings today at Timeline Theatre Company. Later that night we went to see The How and the Why by Keira Fromm at the Timeline Theatre Company.

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We arrive in Chicago, the windy city, at lunchtime. We then had dinner at one of the many city steakhouses and went to what some consider the world’s best theatre, the Steppenwolf. We saw the play “Russian Transport” by Erika Sheffer.

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West Coast Play Works

We were welcomed into the South Coast Repertory (SCR) theatre, for an evening of readings by the Associate Artistic Director; John Glore, and the Artistic Director; Marc Masterson.

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Zeroing in on the Pitch

Having spent the first few days in discussions around storytelling and brainstorming their projects with each other and the workshop facilitator, it was now time to polish up the script then pitch these projects in “live situations.”

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The Writer’s Journey

After a long needed sleep, we were in the meeting room ready for a day with Chris Vogler.

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