Forget Me Not and A Golem Story

Today we had the readings of Tom and Lally’s plays, Forget Me Not and A Golem Story, as well as the panel all at the Chicago Cultural Center.

As the sun streamed through the large windows of the late 19th century building, Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune’s leading theatre critic quizzed the playwrights on Australian theatre, playwriting and national identity. The crowd of 100 Chicagoans asked lots of questions of the playwrights in a lively discussion.

Drawn by its beauty and the fabulous free public events, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the Chicago Cultural Center every year, making it one of the most visited attractions in Chicago.

The readings were beautifully acted and afterwards we were able to meet up with a whole range of local theatre makers at an afternoon tea hosted by Australian Consul General, Roger Price.

Tom reflected on the weekend: “Chicago felt like it had theatre coursing through its veins. It was warm, welcoming, and completely inspiring. Timeline Theatre is an exciting company with a big, inclusive heart and I feel really lucky to have got to meet them and their AD, PJ Powers. It was humbling seeing the reading of Forget Me Not touch the hearts of people from the other side of the world. After the reading there was a flood of people wanting to tell me their personal stories and share their own experiences of struggle and loss. It was such a generous way to respond to my play. I think I might have left some tiny bit of myself in Chicago. I’ll have to go back one day and try to find it. Probably on the dance floor of Kingston Mines.”

We then headed to our final destination. The jewel in the crown of world theatre, New York…

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