Manhattan Theatre Club, Wednesday Evening

Max’s play, ‘The Silver Alps’ and Lally’s play ‘Fortune’ were both read this evening at Manhattan Theatre Club.

Max’s play is about Heidi and her ten-year-old daughter, Lucy, who’ve been evicted and Heidi’s battling her old addictions. Her brother, Blake, offers to drive them to a friend’s empty house at the bottom of the country, where they can start over. And so their road-trip of mountains and cheap motel rooms begins. There’s something Blake’s not telling about the friend who owns the house. And as the scenery ices over and the mountains divide, it seems there’s an unsettling ulterior motive for his trip, with Lucy at its core. ‘The Silver Alps’ drags things out that are lurking under the motel bed.

And Lally’s play, Fortune: Checked in at a low star motel in New Jersey: A young finance guy, Paul, has flown all the way from Australia. He shows up first day at his new job to find the company has gone under. James is a finance guy from the same company in his 50s. James has given up. But Paul insists that he owes him. He owes him the career and the American dream that aren’t going to be his. He owes him his first day at work. But James doesn’t know how to read the market anymore. The world has stopped making sense. In the same motel is Cookie, a pregnant Romani fortune-teller, who has been cast out by her family. She is desperate for a mark. Moe is her cowboy boyfriend who’s lost his land. They need money to get the land back- to have a chance in their life together. They’re running out of time. Mary is a heartbroken mother who owns the motel. She just wants answers about her dead son. The economy has failed. The world is falling. A black comedy about five people who desperately need each other to make it to the future.

Max “really appreciated that MTC and such talented actors were interested in supporting our work, and that the Australian Consulate made us feel very welcome when we were so very far from home!”

Lally thought the readings at Manhattan Theatre Club were fantastic. We were really lucky to get world class actors.  “The reading gave me new faith in my play ‘Fortune’.  Sometimes I’m not sure if that play really has potential for life, but after the reading, I’m really determined to get it a production. It was really great having the Australian Consulate’s involvement and support in it.  It was really exciting that they held an event for us too!”

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