Nadia Kevan, Alexander Teacher

Born in 1955 in England and undertook training to be a classical and contemporary dancer in London. She then moved to Germany in 1974 to work with several ballet, opera and theatre companies. In 1979, Kevan worked freelance with a small dance company in Hamburg and a school for contemporary dance. She worked with musicians and travelled through Europe with contemporary performance fusions of chamber music and solo dance. Back pain and unresolved questions about movement forced her to look for new ways of moving and teaching. The Alexander Technique convinced her immediately and she trained to be a teacher in Denmark and London, this revolutionised her entire approach to and experience of performance work. She then moved to working extensively with a visual artist and in Asian disciplines.

Kevan then trained new Alexander teachers with Chris Stevens, to whom she was married for 9 years. She then became Professor of Movement Studies at the Folkwang Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Essen: this is an international university with a unique reputation for interdisciplinary projects. Kevan then began working with two directors: Brian Michaels and Frank Steekel. She worked extensively on very different plays with her Alexander work for actors and text and here gained tremendous experience in what Alexander work can mean for BodyMind, for performance and expression.

Nadia Kevan then opened her own institute in Cologne called “Open Space Theatre: Centre for Integrated Arts and Alexander Technique. She still teaches dance and works with extensively with actors, singers and dancers internationally. She worked with Kristin Linklater in a Folkwang project in 2000 and with her workshops in New York in 2003. Kevan lectures on specific aspects of Alexander work, particularly for musicians and performing artists, but also with therapists, teachers and directors.

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