Inscription will take six writer / producers through the US, UK and Asia. The focus of the tour is threefold. Inscription Tour aims to build international market share for Australian storytelling and talent by taking a group of Australia’s best and brightest emergent filmmakers to key centers of the global industry, in order to: Advance participant professional development through specialized workshops for both scriptwriters and producers. Build advantageous relationships with the greater industry – the arts and media are relationship-based industries and Inscription Tour will provide pitch meetings and introductions, aiding the participants in getting a foothold in the marketplace and securing overseas representation. Progress participant projects – by securing development investment for new works, as well as co-production and international distribution for suitable works. Workshops with current Inscription collaborators including Neil La Bute, Steve Kaplan, Chris Vogler and Edward Albee. The tour will overlap with international film festivals in New York, London and Tokyo.